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Posted on November 10 2016, 11:44am

                    An espresso is the strong black coffee with a rich golden crema on the top.We can prepare differently flavored coffee with espresso as the foundation.The main ingredients of all these coffees are none other than espresso, foam, and steamed milk.You can add these components in different proportions and ways; then you will get different flavors of coffee.
          Some of the popular Espresso based drinks are Cappuccino, Caffe Latte, Americano, Macchiato, Mocha, etc. So much information about Espresso is available on the website espressomachinecritic.com .In an Espresso cup, if you are pouring one shot of Espresso, it is called as Espresso or Short Black. If it consists of two shots,  then we can call it as Double Espresso. Let's have a look on various Espresso flavored drinks.

        A Ristretto is also a one shot of Espresso, but the method of preparing it is in such a way that you should add only half of the amount of water while doing the extraction. It will be thick and dark.


        A Cappuccino is a favorite Espresso based drink of most of the coffee lovers. It consists of one shot of Espresso, steamed milk and a thick layer of foam. Then you can decorate it with some tiny dark chocolate flakes.


3.Short Macchiato
       Most of the people can't afford the heavy bitterness of an Espresso.
You can add a massive quantity of steamed milk and foam at the top.A Short Macchiato has three layers.The upper part will be a layer of steamed milk; the middle layer is a combination of the dark Espresso and the steamed milk, and the bottom layer is the dark, strong Expresso shot.


4.Long Macchiato
        The only difference between Short and Long Macchiato is the quantity of Espresso.In a Long Macchiato, you have to add two shots of Espresso. So it will be darker and more bitter than Short Macchiato.


5.Caffe Latte
      In a tumbler glass add one shot of Espresso and a large quantity of steamed milk.Then add some microfoam on the top layer.The result will be a sweet version of coffee. Mostly, the Americans like to have Latte in a cup rather than in a tumbler glass.

     Are you craving for both hot chocolates and cappuccino?Then Mocha is the best choice for you. It is a combination of one Espresso shot, steamed milk, thick foam and one spoonful of chocolate powder. The Espresso based drinks are not ending with the above list.The Flat White, Piccolo Latte, Affogatto, etc., the list continues.



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